The monitoring process of measurement, regulation and diagnostics are implemented by the SensoWeight system through available ports (RS-232/485, Ethernet) and using existing protocols. The connected UCS™ X1 and/or UCS™ X1 DIN modules wirelessly send data to the database in the cloud storage using LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology and via the NB-IOT (Narrow Band Internet Of Things) protocol. The system of passive monitoring of other values takes place using various sensors connected to other UCS™ X1and/or UCS™ X1 DIN modules, also working wirelessly and communicating via NB-IOT technology. The range of sensors, which is continuously enhanced, is selected according to specific data collection requirements.



The cloud data storage, on which the measured data are stored in the database, has a secure access. The server located in the cloud storage can perform analytical data processing in order to determine the long-term behavior of the process for the optimization of it. Regular reports may be delivered in  various intervals (weekly, monthly, ...) and are used for operative decision-making by the management, interested in the already elaborated dataset. 

 With the existence of a large amount of measured data, various artificial intelligence processes can be applied. These can process a large volume of data, analyze it and suggest further optimization steps.

SensWEIGHT - Topology - jpg.jpg

Graphic representation of the SensWeight weighbridge solution