This is a function that enables detection of functional problems with the scale as a whole, the load cells and the indicator. Thanks to the diagnostics, the service company or manufacturer can be informed about the problem and react immediately to the situation. If digital load cells or analog load cells are used in combination with a digitizing unit, problems can also be detected on each installed load cell, e.g. on weighbridges.



This function makes it possible to obtain data from the performed measurements and thereby obtain valuable information regarding the function of the weighbridge, such as the load on the scale, the number of performed measurements or the total weight of performed measurements.

Both of the above functions complement each other and each has its own specific meaning. Diagnostics is a function that will help the scalemen and manufacturing companies that service scales and that need to be informed immediately and as accurately as possible about functional problems. Monitoring,  is a function that allows a deeper analysis in terms of scale usage, wearing of elements, statistical analysis, etc. This data  are also suitable and important in the implementation of artificial intelligence. Everyone will appreciate the summarizing function of the scale's utilization and thus the efficiency of the work.