Introducing the system

Remote monitoring of scales is now a reality

With the 5G and NB-IOT communication technology, long-term monitoring of scales can be carried out without complicated connections. Simply connect the UCS™ X1 and/or UCS™ X1 DIN module to the serial port of the indicator or PLC and connect it to the power supply. Subsequently, no further configuration is required and everything is activated automatically. The monitored information is then sent to a cloud storage server, where the information is further processed. This data can be viewed on the web interface of the dashboard from any place and at any time, and with the possibility of access via a web browser on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

With regard to the needs of a specific installation and solution, the system can also be equipped with passive monitoring of other values using various sensors connected to other UCS™ X1 and/or UCS™ X1 DIN modules also working wirelessly and communicating via NB-IOT technology. The range of sensors is wide and are selected according to the specific needs.