In addition to the mentioned reasons above, the advantages of using the system are based also on added values that provide an advantage against competitors that do not offer this kind of solutions and also on other positive situations for all sides involved like rapid reaction, maintenance effective process, and the alike. The benefits also apply to situations that result in downtime, and which have a negative effect on both the company's work activities and the personal lives of all sides involved. The following is a list and summary of the benefits both for the end customer and for the professional company as a scale supplier and service company.

Advantages for the professional company or manufacturer

  • Savings in scale service costs.
  • Optimizing the planning of work activities.
  • Added value in the scale offering that most competitors do not have.
  • Application of the Industry 4.0 principle in your corporate agenda, increasing the company's prestige.
  • Potential to increase revenue from providing added value to the scale.

Benefits for the users of the scale

  • Increased satisfaction by being assured that the weighbridge is monitored by an expert and remote supervision with 24/7 access, thus with the possibility of preventing outages in case of gradually deteriorating scale parameters that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Getting a modern approach ensuring added value to the scale.
  • Minimizing or eliminating complications at the least suitable time (before the expected higher weight load, during vacations and holidays, etc.) by reacting in advance to worsening conditions.
  • Financial savings, which are caused by a whole series of complications and downtimes.