The UCS™ X2 DIN hardware modules are intended for use with the UCS™ CLOUD service and to enable the connection and collection of data from indicator units, HMI or PLC.  The data are then wirelessly sent by the module to the cloud storage of the USC™ CLOUD service. 

Data collection takes place via available RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet ports, using existing protocols. The module wirelessly sends data to the database in the cloud storage using LPWAN technology and via the NB-IOT standard.

The module has a built-in battery to maintain operation in the event of a mains voltage failure.

The main features of this new model are:

  • High speed thanks to the implementation of a multi-core processor

  • Integrated battery for module operation in case of a power outage

  • New communication module with better and faster communication with the NB-IOT network

  • Improved antenna for better network reception

  • Larger memory for programs and data

  • Module temperature monitoring

  • Module humidity monitoring

The module is mounted on a DIN rail.

Power supply: 5V DC
Serial ports:    RS-232, RS-485 
Baud rate:   2400, 4800, 9600, 19200,38400, 115200 (bit/s)
Communication protocols: Modbus, ASCII
Communication standards: NB-IOT
Communication frequency: 832-862 MHz (Uplink)
791-821 MHz (Downlink)
Interface for application integration: REST API (1)
Integrated battery: 
Operating temperature:  -20 to  +60°C
Installation: DIN
Dimensions (DIN):   54 x 63 x 90mm (wxdxh)
Weight (DIN): 100 g
(1) A REST API is an interface that enables connections between various applications and systems over the internet. REST API offers a unified and standardized interface for communication between applications, allowing access to data and functions via the HTTP web protocol.
UCS™ X1/X2


LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)
A wireless network enabling data transmission over long distances with high reliability and high energy efficiency.

NB-IOT (Narrow Band Internet of Things)

A standard for LPWAN-type networks using the existing network structure of 4G and 5G mobile operators.