UCS™ DASHBOARD is a visual interface for monitoring various parameters and, together with UCS™ X1, UCS™ X1 DIN, and UCS™ CLOUD, forms an integral part of the UCS™ CLOUD Solutions.

Dashboards allow for displaying monitored values both in tabular and graphical form, enabling continuous access to data 24/7. Depending on the type of installation, dashboards can be customized to best suit the specific environment. Additionally, they allow for data export (csv, xlx, xlxs), regular report generation, display and sending of alarms when threshold values are exceeded, thus providing immediate notification of important events. Various calculations and customizations can be performed tailored to the individual requirements and needs of each installation.

Thanks to integration with artificial intelligence (AI), dashboard features can be further expanded and optimized for maximum efficiency and utilization.






LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)
A wireless network enabling data transmission over long distances with high reliability and high energy efficiency.

NB-IOT (Narrow Band Internet of Things)

A standard for LPWAN-type networks using the existing network structure of 4G and 5G mobile operators.